Midst a hodgepodge of GTA 5 Alien sightings, UFO appearances, Flying Saucers, and jetpack rumors, a tantalizing unsolved mystery continues to frustrate players.

What Do These Symbols Mean?

Explorers have found spacecraft hovering over mountaintops and concealed in the skies high above significant landmarks. After meetingOmega in the desert, a series of glowing, pulsing Spaceship Parts appear scattered throughout San Andreas. Tracking them down leads to the creation of a tiny spacecraft, and unlocking of the Space Docker.

But none of this explains GTA 5′s greatest unsolved mystery: the meaning of the three most prominent Glyphs on a map painted atop Mt. Chiliad.

New Clues and Current Speculation

The UFO hippie camp near Sandy Shores is ringed with a trail of Alien script. Some players believe the script might contain a decipherable code.

The breaks between examples below are limited by video capture capibilities, not by any distinctive breaks in the text. Viewed left to right from the outside of the ring, the code reads:

Possible Alien Code Part 1

Possible Alien Code Part 2

Possible Alien Code Part 3

Possible Alien Code Part 4

Possible Alien Code Part 5

Possible Alien Code Part 6

Possible Alien Code Part 7

Possible Alien Code Part 8

Possible Alien Code Part 9

It’s also possible that the code reads from the inside of the ring, in which case the images would be flipped and the order reversed.

Some players speculate that the Mt. Chiliad Map should be laid over the GTA 5 pack-in paper map to reveal a number of significant locations. Current efforts center around centering the map above the northward edge of the island, though this produces no discernible explanation for the three main Glyphs.

While intriguing, this theory fails to address the purpose of the connecting lines between Glyphs, as well as the three large symbols.

According to one report, accidental clipping into Mt. Chiliad reveals no known subterranean passages or complex, though the body of evidence is somewhat limited.

The Jetpack Connection

Online communities of UFO hunters have focused largely on a resemblance of the humanoid glyph to a person riding a jetpack. Many people believe that unlocking the riddle of Mrt. Chiliad will unlock access to this GTA unicorn item.

The Beginning of the Search

A cryptic painting on the wall of the Cable Car station atop Mt. Chiliad was one of the earliest sources of intrigue for GTA conspiracy-hunters.The main map is remarkably similar to the shaft and chamber layout of a pyramid, suggesting the possible existence of a subterranean dungeon. Also scattered around the image are a number of smaller markers. While the meaning of many of the symbols within have been encrypted, the large icons of cracking egg, a spaceship, and a humanoid form remain an intriguing puzzlement.

The symbol matches the UFO depicted in the Cable Car station painting. On the back of the platform it reads “Come back when your story is complete.”

The carefully hidden painting beneath the platform atop Chiliad’s highest point is the sighting point for a well-documented postgame Flying Saucer appearance, which takes place late at night during thunderstorms. Other symbols likely indicate other known Glyphs spaced around the mountain. The evidence strongly suggests a relationship between the mountain and the mysterious uninterpreted Glyphs.

Alien Flying Saucers

A crashed flying saucer is clearly visible in a deepsea cleft just off the northern shore of San Andreas.

Reports are now circulating of an Alien flying saucer which appears over Mt. Chiliad near the observation deck. The UFO appears only in thunderstorm conditions after 100% completion.

The flying saucer’s appearance in stormclouds appears congruent with the lightning depicted in the nearby Cable Car glyph. As other weather-themed glyphs have also been found by users around the mountain, it stands to reason other fantastic visitors are hidden in different out-of-the-way nooks waiting to be discovered.

A second flying saucer is concealed in the air high above Fort Zancudo. The saucer is only visible with 100% Completion.

A third flying saucer is reported hiding in the air above the Sandy Shores hippie UFO shrine.

Other Alien Stuff

These flying saucers aren’t the first hint of extra-terrestrial life in GTA 5. The GTA 5 Special Edition map includes a UFO part location revealed by exposure to black light.

Alien Glyphs are concealed throughout the map, including drawings on Mt. Chiliad, near the Altruist Camp, and at the Hippie Camp.

Aliens also make cameo appearances frozen in ice in the Prologue Mission and wandering the lots of the movie studio.

Aliens are also seen several times during hallucinations by Michael and sometimes other protagnists.