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The GTA V map is based loosely on Southern California. The map features the city of Los Santos (inspired by Los Angeles) and surrounding hills, countryside, beaches and mountains. Below is a rough version of what the game map looks like:

Los Santos grand-theft-auto-v-map

is approximately the same size as GTA IV’s Liberty City. When compared in plan view, the whole map is 4-5 times bigger than Liberty City, and 2 times bigger than GTA San Andreas. However, the landscape has much more vertical variation than GTA IV and San Andreas, so comparing in plan view doesn’t tell the full story.

Once the game is released, we will assemble an interactive map which allows you to plunge into the districts of Los Santos from the safety of your own chair. The map will include locations of every item for you 100% nutters (unique stunt jumps, weapon pickups, collectables, etc.); just like the previous maps we made for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and Grand Theft Auto IV.


Frequently Asked Questions

 Q: Will San Fierro and Las Venturas feature in GTA V?

A: No — Rockstar confirmed that the game is set in Southern California. Las Venturas (Las Vegas) and San Fierro (San Francisco) lie outside this region.

Q: What about San Diego?
A: Doubtful. Rockstar was pretty clear about what the map will (and will not) include. “Los Santos and the surrounding hills, countryside and beaches” is what it definitely includes.

Q: What is the point of planes if there is only one city? There must be more than one airport, and hence more than one city!
A: Just because there is one city doesn’t mean the map will be small. Los Angeles is a massive city (it has a bigger land area than New York City) and Rockstar has stated that the map will include countryside, small towns and mountains ranges. There are lots of airports and airstrips in Southern California — not just LAX!

Q: Is Grand Theft Auto V just GTA: San Andreas in High Definition?
A: No. Rockstar is looking at Los Angeles with a fresh mind, so Los Santos in GTA: San Andreas bears little resemblance to Los Santos in GTA V. The city will benefit from a complete makeover, just as Liberty City did in GTA IV.